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Safety Planning

Bryony House assists women in preparing emergency plans to ensure their safety when leaving an abusive situation. This could include establishing an escape route, gathering important documents, saving money and hiding small bags of packed clothing. This program also helps mothers communicate with their children so they know where to go in case of an emergency.

For more information on safety planning please click here.

Helping Children Heal

All children entering the shelter have been exposed to intimate partner violence in some way. The child care program creates a safe haven for children to explore their emotions. With support of the child counsellors, they learn how to understand their own emotions so they can heal and rebuild trust.

Twice a month a Moms group helps moms develop skills and confidence in addressing parenting issues as a result of the abuse in the home. Moms develop have a much better understanding of the behaviours their children are displaying because of the information provided in the program.

Living In Freedom Everyday (L.I.F.E) Program

This program is offered to women after they have left a violent or controlling relationship. The program facilitators help women to explore their patterns in relationships so they can develop an understanding of the cycle of violence. The women can develop effective communication tools and learn assertiveness skills. They also become aware of the different community resources to reduce isolation. This program is open to both ex-residents of the shelter and those that did not stay at Bryony House. Call 902 429 9002 ext 4 for program information and dates.

24 Hour Distress Line

Our distress line offers round the clock support to women exploring the possibility of leaving an abusive partner. Women can also call who are in need of assistance when leave an escalating situation. Counsellors provide support, referral information, and make travel arrangements to Bryony House. If you are experiencing an unsafe or violent situation please call 911 immediately.

Women’s Supportive Counselling

Intimate partner violence can have a lasting effect on a woman’s body, mind and spirit. Counsellors are available 24 hours a day for one-on-one supportive counselling. They offer education to help the women work through their experience of abuse. Our counsellors also refer women to appropriate community services for additional support (ie. medical, financial, employment, legal and housing).

Educational Group Sessions

In addition to one-on-one supportive counselling, Bryony House provides in-house educational sessions once a week. These groups are facilitated by an experienced women’s counsellor and cover a variety of relevant topics. These sessions provide opportunities for the women to support each other in a safe environment.