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Email Address & Phone Numbers

Crisis contact, click here to talk with a counsellor

Call or text 902-422-7650 if you are in distress and need safety and/or shelter

Not an emergency but you would like to speak to a counsellor at the shelter call 902-423-7183 or email [email protected]

Donations, Sponsorship, or to Plan an Event
Kenda Riles – Programs Manager

by phone 902-222-3296

or email [email protected]
Please note we are not currently accepting second hand donations

Media Inquires

Executive Director, Maria MacIntosh

by phone 902.222.1112

or email at [email protected]

Halifax Transition House Association

General Inquiries

Dartmouth, NS, B2W3E9 

Phone: 902.429.9002

or email [email protected]

Outreach Services:

Shelley Robinson

by phone 902.222.4640

or email [email protected]

Household Services:

phone 902-423-7184

[email protected]

Childcare Counsellors

phone 902.429.9001

or email [email protected]

Client Services Manager

Ada MacDonald

by phone 902.423.7185

or email [email protected]

Housing Support

April Johnson

by phone 902.222.8891

or email [email protected]

Office Administration/ Billing Inquiries

by phone 902.429.9002

or email [email protected]

General Inquiries 
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