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Ways to contact us NOW:

Distress Line 902.422.7650.
Shelter Main Number 902.423.7183.
Text Us a Message at 902.422.7650.
Email Us a Message [email protected]
We check our emails and will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

Your Safety is our first concern!

We recommend that if you feel your life is in danger contact the police at 911.

If this is not an option and you are reaching out to us directly for support or to make a plan to leave contact us and let us know you need to get out. We will need your name and location. We will work with you from there to get you to safety.

    Use this form to contact us.

    Your message will be 100% confidential.

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    If the police should be called now, let us know your name and address.

    *Please let us know if we can reply back, and if so, let us know how. If you are concerned that your phone is being monitored, please delete your emails and texts to us after sending them.

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