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Many companies have an Employee Matching Gift Program. Employee Matching Gift Programs allow employees and employers to work together to make a difference in changing lives of women and children. Although programs may vary within each company, generally they work the same. For each donation made by an employee, the employer will reciprocate with a gift of an equal amount. The company may only match up to a particular amount.

To have a gift matched by your company:

  1. Check with your Human Resources Department to see if your company has a Matching Gift Program
  2. Obtain and complete any necessary forms from your employer
  3. If you’re raising the employee portion of the donation through fundraisers (e.g. bake sale or 50/50) please complete our Third Party Form, as we will be able to assist you
  4. Send your donation and indicate that there will be a Matching Gift from your Company to follow
  5. Bryony House will provide you and your company with an acknowledgment letter and tax receipt (when applicable).

Be a Difference Maker in your Workplace!