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Donation Management

Community members and organizations donate clothing, linens and household items to Bryony House. These donations allow us to provide our residents with the essentials as they transition out of abusive relationships into different living situations. The donation management team is crucial to supporting our La Rummage Boutique. They organize incoming donations, communicate with the shelter to assess need, and manage inventory.


Receive donations from community members at the office
Sort donations; remove unusable items and divide items for shelter use (towels, bedding, gifts for residents) from personal use items (clothing, household goods)
Organize and prepare items to be transported to the shelter
Volunteers are invited to brainstorm new ideas and create strategies for managing donations, both at the office and the shelter


Strong organizational skills
Ability to uphold a regular time commitment
Basic interpersonal skills
Creativity is an asset!
Valid Nova Scotia driver’s license for transporting goods (not mandatory, as we also need non-drivers to help manage donations)

Volunteer benefits

Freedom to create and implement your own strategies for managing donations
A diverse position that is never the same – one day you may be sorting donations from a high-end retailer, the next you may be working with the transition house to implement a new system for getting donations to our residents
Opportunities to work with staff at the shelter
Time Commitment

Approximately 3 hours once a week or bi-weekly


Administrative office